special effects

We have been having a play with some new effect paints.

Our fave is the faked rust. Its actually metal particles in the paint so is rust but wont affect the original paint and part, also plastic and anything can be done.


Also available in the range are copper that can be given a patina look, tin, stainless, gold and almost any metal.


Patina steel effect on plastic

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Patina copper

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special effect paints,rust paint


Leather effect. Would looks cool on interior panels. It has a soft touch clear on that makes it feel smooth and funky.


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sanding sanding sanding

Two days off due to lurgy has put us behind a little but been back on the 914 this week and its nearly ready for paint.

Doors have just had some primer and a few bits on the body got a re-prime as we found a few bits that we not quite happy with after its full sanding. The body has had its final masking and wont be out the booth again until its painted.



We have also had some new effect paint on demo this week. some very interesting products that we are very excited about trying on a few future projects. we should be producing some demo samples that will be at the workshop if you want to see them late next week.

An example of the "rust" effect that can be applied to anything even plastic and glass. we love the look of this rusty looking plastic mirror cover. it has the look and texture of an old rusty bit of steel



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