open day

After an amazing day on Sunday at our open day, a Monday spent recovering and putting after sun on its back into working again.


The weather was really on our side, i think when i took the golf for a post re-map test it was 22degrees. We had such a good turn out of cars, alfa's, fiats's, bmw's, citroen's, seats's, audi's, mini's, mk1 2 3 4 5 and 6 golfs, splitty's, bay's, type25's t4's t5's, square back and notch type 3, vw eos, porsche's, lupo's, motor home's and the supper cool H van. I'm sure there was a few i didn't even see!!


Angel tuning did 11 remaps on various cars and vans during the day. I had my mk5 140bhp gttdi golf done, now running 180bhp with a load of extra torque. so much better to drive now and its getting an extra 4mpg even with me thrashing it and loving the louder turbo whistle, so expecting an even better gain when i calm down.



Thank you to all whom come over, hope you enjoyed the food and drink.

Thank you to all that helped us out.

We have a load of pics to post up soon but in the mean time chek out www.beakersblog.com for some cool shots before we fill the pages with our pics

Chek out DJ Lee's sound cloud page http://soundcloud.com/corbydjlee12 . Lee gave us some very cool tunes all day. He kept the volume down at times and cranked it when it was needed. It created a sweet atmosphere. A great aspiring dj that can only get better and better and on to bigger things.





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mark's merk

Mark from http://www.rcands.co.uk/  is having his rusty wheel arch's sorted. very common on mercs around this age.

Rust cleaned up and treated with Bilt Hamber treatment chemicals. then an anti chip coating applied. we have also done all the chips and little scratches down both sides. its now on bake and will be fitted up ready for him to collect later.






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