martins t5

caravelle bumper

vanx lower bumper spoiler

ikustoms angry bonnet

caravelle headlights

coded mirror caps

vanx side skirts

vanx rear bumper

vw roof spoiler

vw side and rear windows

full respray in vw magic black pearl

20" bmw X5 wheels









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t5 update

martins t5.

this is going to be the last update untill its finished. dont want to spoil the transformation for martin. next pics will be on early next week

all the small dents are repaired and in primer.
rear bumper has been reshaped and in primer.
angry bonnet section hand made, welded, filed and in primer.

should be laying down some colour late 2moro after a days primer prep and a load of masking

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martins t5 is with us for a colour change and fitting of a load of extras!

pics will be updated as it progresses.

today we cut the windows out. trial fitted the bodykit to make sure it all fits before its painted. reshaped the body kit to make it fit, the rear bumper was about 15mm to long. the skirts just didnt fit so had to trim and reshape them all, then started the strip down ready for prep.








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c class

merc C class in for vandal damage accross the boot lid and into each rear 1/4 and down the rear bumper.





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p+j bay

Paul and Jen's bay hasn't been seen for a while on the blog but has been seeing a lot of work!

After a lot of new panels ,welding, welding, welding, fabrication and more welding it was starting to look good. we have notched the chassis for extra clearance on the drive shafts, A arm's and steering arm's for some serious lowering . 

Paul Has Been in this week sealing, anti stone chip protection and full body coloured! its looking far better new !!!!! its back on the dolly next and the body will be going into primer.

IMG_0788 [ 1 ] . jpg
IMG_0789 [ 1 ] . jpg
IMG_0790 [ 1 ] . jpg
IMG_0792 [ 1 ] . jpg

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another t4

Another t4 lowered earlier . this took a little longer then normal as one of the torsion bar nuts was seized solid, but after some work it was like new . droped and looking better! Just needs some rims next if anyone has Some for sale ? 

IMG_0784 [ a ] . jpg
IMG_0785 [ 1 ] . jpg

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rally mini

local Snap-on dealer recently did this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6pjcutH1hw so has just built a replacement and selected ikustoms to paint it . the shell has been strengthened, fiberglass boot lid , fiberglass bonnet , lightened doors with painted regulation size squares . more pics when its built up and before he goes out on a rally stage!!!!!

IMG_0773 [ 1 ] . jpg
IMG_0777 [ 1 ] . jpg
IMG_0782 [ 1 ] . jpg

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