special effects

We have been having a play with some new effect paints.

Our fave is the faked rust. Its actually metal particles in the paint so is rust but wont affect the original paint and part, also plastic and anything can be done.


Also available in the range are copper that can be given a patina look, tin, stainless, gold and almost any metal.


Patina steel effect on plastic

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Patina copper

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special effect paints,rust paint


Leather effect. Would looks cool on interior panels. It has a soft touch clear on that makes it feel smooth and funky.


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Porsche 914

Final update on the 914


With illness, christmas and holidays its taken a little longer than estimated to get the fourteen finished.


before christmas we got the rear screen area finished with some satin black along with the targa roof section. Also the front and rear lower bumpers and sills in gloss black.

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The body then had a good polish and the big refit started. New rubbers all round, new front screen and chrome trim direct from Porsche. We had noz from ABR screens over to do the bonding part. http://abrwindscreens.co.uk   while all this way going on the wheels had a mild refurb. the wheels in question are original magnesium minilight in Porsche spec, we only gave them a light refurb so they still had there original rough cast marks and original look to them.

Some finished pics, Steve still has the mirrors and a few parts to play with.

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Foose Design

I was like a kid in a sweet shop!!!!

We got a cab over to Foose Design where they have an open shop daily between 12 and 1. Being just after christmas they should have been closed but we took the risk and it paid off. 

Chip Foose was in his booth prepping his farther inlaws car for a stipe and fade through the lower section.













hanging from the roof




I was totally star struck. Chip was so friendly and happy to have a chat even tho he should have been at home and not working. we talked for a while and had a wander round the shop. It was great to see that he produces such amazing cars in a normal workshop.


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wheelers speed shop

We randomly met Troy from Wheelers Speed Shop while getting a drink in the small cafe next door to Foose Design.

He offered to give us a tour of his workshop and gave us directions to a few other hotrod shops. Its great to see how other kustom shops are doing it. Wheelers do some amazing detail in there work.

Thanx Troy







Love this truck. Based on a modifyed truck chassis, All the rear section has been hand made. Awesome work! its got modern running gear, uses all the new steering and air bag and even has an air con.  



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