Porsche 914

Steve dropped off his Porsche 914 yesterday.

resprayed back in 91 its now got a few bits that need attention.


we have now stripped it down of all its trims and doors.


First area receiving attention,




this has been annoying Steve every time he goes in his garage or giving it a pre show polish. After a small dig it was obvious that rust and some brazing had been fiber glassed over. The inside of this area is obviously a water trap and is open to all that the road can throw up onto it. the sealer that was under it all was just holding moisture against the metal.

we have now cut out all the old mess, cleaned up the area underneath with the small blasting gun and coated it with zinc primer.



we are going to hand make the area in 2 sections. the first outer section is made and welded in, the door will go back on next to get the gaps perfect again before the inner section is welded in.


the inside of the repair will be sealed again and wax-oiled to prevent future corrosion


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