help for heroes

The folks over on the t4 forum have been building a t4 camper, raffle tickets are being sold and for only £2 you have a chance to win it!

Everything has been donated. ikustom steped in and offered to paint the old nakered work van. the paint has been donated by a company in bristol.

With the help of Rob keets we have transformed the old girl. its been a big job and a very big donation from us to the charity.

we have...replaced rear doors, colour code pop top, paint new fiberglass front bumper, sort vairious dents/rust and full repaint and colour change in vw rising blue

The van was collected last week and is having its side and rear windown fitted next, then a new engine followed by its camper interior. its going to be a very nice camper very soon.

Tickets are available at most vw shows and any day will be available online.


have a look through http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=237 to see the build pics and read all about it.


as it left us last week. a new rear bumper will be painted as soon as it arrives.




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