Jamie's bug

Jamie's bug has hit the pages of volksworld.

a few pics of the areas we re-worked just before its photoshoot. it arrived to us with poor door gaps and a few filler cracks appearing.





how it looks on the pages of volksworld!






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mark's merk

Mark from http://www.rcands.co.uk/  is having his rusty wheel arch's sorted. very common on mercs around this age.

Rust cleaned up and treated with Bilt Hamber treatment chemicals. then an anti chip coating applied. we have also done all the chips and little scratches down both sides. its now on bake and will be fitted up ready for him to collect later.






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the world famous beaker

we at ikustoms would like to thank beaker from http://beakersblog.skynetblogs.be/ for tweeking our blog for us. he is the master of skynet blogs! he also set up new stats page so we can see where you all come from.

hey to all the ikustoms fans. especiall thoes in japan!!!! and all around europe and throughout the uk. thanx to you all for coming regularly. keep looking, we are going to run some comps soon for each of our web networking sites. we would like to have a random ikustoms sticker placement pic section!!! drop us a line for some stickers and keep your eyes open for the one we stuck on the central reservation on the m6toll road!

some live beaker bloggin


we did some paint work for beaker after some fool crashed into his cool mk2 golf. check his blog any day for some of the 400 pics he took while he was with us. some really cool live spraying pics and some very random pics of my new mk1 golf

we had a fun day. thanx beaker.


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pan detail

Steve droped off his floor pan last week. it was all ready to recieve the 58 bug cab we painted a few months ago but he wanted a better coat of paint on to protect it and make it look bling, now the mot man is going to be a happy man and be able to do his hair in the reflection.


in the booth earlier....







hepl for heroes

we are painting a t4 for the t4forum. it will be auctioned at the end of the build and all proceeds going to the help for heroes charity

www.vwt4forum.co.uk for info on how to buy tickets


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The inside of paul and jen's bay now painted.

Check out how original the tubs look. 

This is going to be one very cool bay, link pin beam, chassis notched front and rear and tubed front arches!!!!!


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beaker was at the kustom shop last week.

check out http://beakersblog.skynetblogs.be/ for some shots. the finish was awesome but it was a shade out, so we will be giving it a quick tint and redoing it any day.

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