p+j bay

Paul and Jen's bay hasn't been seen for a while on the blog but has been seeing a lot of work!

After a lot of new panels ,welding, welding, welding, fabrication and more welding it was starting to look good. we have notched the chassis for extra clearance on the drive shafts, A arm's and steering arm's for some serious lowering . 

Paul Has Been in this week sealing, anti stone chip protection and full body coloured! its looking far better new !!!!! its back on the dolly next and the body will be going into primer.

IMG_0788 [ 1 ] . jpg
IMG_0789 [ 1 ] . jpg
IMG_0790 [ 1 ] . jpg
IMG_0792 [ 1 ] . jpg

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Wooooooooo hooooooooooooo, yeah baby, I've just done a little sex wee!

Posted by: Schmellic | 08/25/2010

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