this week

after 7 stichs in my right hand last week this week is a little slower, but work must be done .

skynet blog is all new and updated. ahhhh. iv only just started to work out how to use it and they go and change it.  so only a quick few updates. had a lot of work booked in over the last few weeks so some more very cool cars will be appearing here over the next few months!!!!


we had a play on a friends suitcase so he can easily spot it at the airport. ikustoms round the world. (thanx to banksy for the art)

IMG_0709 [ 2 ] . jpg

















last week local golf pro droped his t5 in for a spoiler to be painted and fitted. i asked him if he was playing at the open , he said " no, i was one shot away".

IMG_0702 [ 1 ] . jpg 

IMG_0705 [ 1 ] . jpg

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